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Write Time Planning, LLC

“A written business-plan can only be effective if there is first an effective plan for business.” – Jay W. Taylor, J.D.


Write Time Planning, LLC, is a professional services firm that provides highly-sought-after products and services including writing coaching; business planning and consulting; written business plans; content creation and editing – including high-stakes documents, website content, and blog posts; corporate communications and messaging; revenue and business model analysis and planning; problem solving; and business strategy and business development consulting.

Our most popular services are writing, editing, and business planning.

Our most popular products are written business-plans. We prepare a number of different types of written business-plans, including our Core Business Plan and our Premier Business Plan.

The most important service we provide is the expert advice that we share with business owners during the preparation of their written business-plans. We help business owners and their executive teams to effectively plan their businesses, because, a written business-plan can only be effective if there is first an effective plan for business.

Our most relied upon value is our discretion. We are a prime destination for the outsourcing of written business-plans, associated consulting, and ghost writing. We also review, edit, and prepare documents containing sensitive and proprietary information for a variety of third parties, like businesses operating in the funding sector and law firms. Our clients absolutely rely upon us to protect and maintain the confidentiality of the information that they share with us.

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Write Time Marketing, LLC

Digital-Reputation Management | Social Media Marketing | Content and Story-Based Marketing | Brand Strategy | Professional Messaging | Content Creation | Strategic Networking | Content Purpose and Distribution Strategy | Problem Solving | Corporate Identity and Core Values


Write Time Marketing, LLC, is a professional services firm that specializes in industry best practices; thoughtful and innovative marketing strategies; and cutting-edge marketing tactics. Our core services include digital-reputation management; content-based marketing, social media marketing, and story-based marketing; brand creation, strategy, and management – both personal and business; strategic networking and relationship marketing; messaging; leadership-based marketing; and client-centered collaboration with other professionals in the fields of traditional marketing; social media marketing; visual marketing; email and newsletter marketing; public relations; video-based marketing; gamification; SEO, graphic design; analytics; photography; and web design.

We believe that the glue of successful marketing is connection and that its two main ingredients are authenticity and trust. And that notwithstanding the success and sizzle of trending trends, infectious fads, disruptive designs, or the “latest greatest” marketing model, behind Friends, Followers, Users, Buyers, Readers, Subscribers, Members, Circles, and Clicks are real people. People whose wants and needs; hopes and dreams; successes and failures; experiences and expectations; time and resources; and intelligence and competence are to be acknowledged, measured, and valued. People who want – and deserve – to be respected and treated fairly and ethically. Accordingly, we develop marketing strategies and prepare marketing assets that are designed to advance our clients’ commercial objectives while, at the same time, helping them to develop, improve, and maintain genuine relationships with their targets – real people.

We are passionate about purposeful and meaningful marketing. We are even more passionate about incorporating and advancing the brand, culture, impact, influence, message, mission, objectives, passion, personality, presence, purpose, reach, story, tone, and voice of our clients in their marketing plans and related strategy and collateral. We skillfully employ a consultative and collaborative style with our clients in order to successfully fulfill such passions. Long-term client success and satisfaction are central to our core values.

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