My Heart to Yours



“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

My Heart to Yours is an interfaith, spiritual-support group that offers classes, workshops, and small-group meetings for individuals seeking spiritual support, education, exploration, expression, growth, and/or connection with others who are seeking the same.

My Heart to Yours was born out of a Divine inner call and a lifelong desire to love, lift, inspire, and connect with others. To create an inspired and sacred space where heart-based and spiritual-centric association, companioning, healing, learning, sharing, support, teaching, and transformation can take place. My Heart to Yours is unapologetically inspired by the life, mission, and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our purpose and activities are intended to honor Him and our relationship to and with Him by learning about and from the great diversity and depth of all of His creations – including one another – in order that we might live lives of love, faith, learning, service, connection, and transformation. Which means that Christians and non-Christians alike are invited to join us as we open-mindedly and wholeheartedly take on our lives by focusing through and on the spiritual.

Our classes and workshops cover a wide and ever-growing variety of topics including presentations and discussions on love – an abiding love for self and others; inspiration; personal development; vulnerability and authenticity; fundamentals of life energy and energy healing; spiritual texts and popular personal development and “self-help” books; personalities and relationships; gratitude; core values and personal mission and vision statements; healing modalities and tools; self-worth and personal empowerment; spiritual awakening; integration, balance, rhythm, and wholeness; the elements; visualization; Christian values; and much more.

Our small-group spiritual-support-meetings are carefully and thoughtfully facilitated. They are intended to be spaces of love, respect, non-judgment, support, idea generation, and connection. Small-group meetings include discussions on mental health; emotional health and wellness; grief and mourning; spirituality and spiritual health; boundaries; personal transformation; hurting and healing; pain and problems; fears; relationships; life and living; and more.

To learn more about My Heart to Yours or to find out when our next class, workshop, or small-group spiritual-support-meeting is being held, you can email me at Also, you can follow us on social media where we post and tweet as Everyone Has a Story.