You Decorated My Life

#LoveItForward  #WeAreAllJustWalkingEachOtherHome  #LiveLikeThat  #DoThatThing  #BeGrateful

#NothingButGratitudeNovember: 11/18/2015 Restated

Perfect Fall Flowers

Today I am grateful for the many perfect people who have shown up throughout my life at the perfect times for the perfect reasons. People who showed up, seemingly surreptitiously, as themselves, at just the right times and for just the right reasons. In love. Or as examples. With the messages I needed to hear at the time. As teachers. As lessons. As answer to prayers. In truth. With the help I needed. As true friends. As catalysts. As inspiration. With opportunities. And many times for many reasons that I was unaware of or did not understand at the time. But always as blessings. Divinely-directed blessings for me.

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Fighting the Good Fight … Still

#ThereButByTheGraceOfGodGoI  #WeWereMeantToBeCourageous  #LiveLikeThat  #BelieveBravely  #FightOn

#NothingButGratitudeNovember: 11/16/2015 Restated

high resolution diesel in fall foliage

Today I am grateful that the ride has not ended; that it is not over. In spite of interminable shitstorms; a fifteen-year train wreck; ever-deteriorating physical and mental health; more than my fair share of haters and detractors (Some expected; some unexpected. Some abhorrent; some truly evil); and unrelenting storms of adversity, I am grateful that I am still here. That I am still – somehow – fighting the good fight.

For me, the fact that I can even share this, that I can even say, honestly say, that I am able to hold a great deal of the darkness in my life in a space of gratitude – not all of it, I still have a huge amount of work to do and some major “unforgiveness” to work on, but some of it – is an extraordinary miracle. One to be very, very, very grateful for.

I am blessed to live to fight another day. To dream another dream. To learn and grow. Lift and love. And be.

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly; Thank Boldly,


Hope Knows Better

#Speak Hope  #BelieveBravely  #DareGreatly

#NothingButGratitudeNovember: 11/04/2015 Restated


Today I am grateful for hope. And especially, for the Source from which it flows. I am grateful for its inexhaustible nature. That even when I have felt hopeless, cut off, and stuck in intolerable and seemingly interminable storms, hope has whispered to me in the darkness. Even as I have believed that there is no hope at all. I am grateful that hope knows better and never changes its message.

You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.” Job 11:18 (NIV)

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly; Thank Boldly,