I Am Daring Greatly

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I am daring Greatly

Daring Greatly is about risking it all for a dream that sometimes only we can see. Standing alone and standing tall for something that we believe in. Fighting the fight – fighting our fight – because we are willing to own it; because it is ours.

Are you Daring Greatly? Join me here for some insight and inspiration!

BelieveBravely; DareGreatly,



Daring Greatly

#DaringGreatly #WeWereMeantToBeCourageous #DoThatThing #LiveLikeThat #ItsInEveryOneOfUs #BelieveBravely #BeYou

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The phrase Daring Greatly is taken from an inspiring and oft-quoted passage of President Theodore Roosevelt’s speech, “Citizenship in a Republic.” More-commonly referred to as “The Man in the Arena,” the speech was given at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, on April 23, 1910, and has since served as a rallying cry for individuals, organizations, and even generations, to Dare Greatly.

Man In the Arena

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We Cannot Change What We Refuse to Confront

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We can’t change what we refuse to confront.” That is a powerful truth – universally and for me personally. Over the years my fears and trials have truly paralyzed me and I have suffered in and struggled with inaction. Joy, productivity, and life-robbing inaction. And it has been my experience that inaction does indeed breed further inaction. Even if that isn’t our intent. Even when we hope and pray otherwise. And especially when we are functionally paralyzed or emotionally debilitated by life’s challenges, trials, and storms.

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