The Climb

On Top of the World - Almost

“The Good Lord gave us mountains so we can learn how to climb.”

I reached the top of a mountain Sunday night that I have been climbing, well, for all intents and purposes, my whole life. It isn’t the only mountain I have been scaling for a long time, nor the last that I will attempt to ascend to the top. But it was, it is, a big one for me that has required a lot of time, learning, effort, sacrifice, and perseverance.

And I could not have climbed it alone.

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My Glorious Night “In” a Hallmark Channel Holiday Movie

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Over the course of this month of November, I have taken some time each day to thoughtfully count my blessings and publicly share at least one thing each day that I am grateful for in my life – AKA my “#NothingButGratitudeNovember 2015 Campaign.” I have used Facebook as the primary platform for declaring my gratitude and have actually rather enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings of thanksgiving with my friends and family there. Surprisingly, another thing to be grateful for.

I have learned that much of what I am grateful for is also held in a space of gratitude by many others. The mutual acknowledgment of this commonly-shared gratitude, along with a number of requests and suggestions that I share – and continue to write – my posts in a more widely-accessible format, have led to my decision to include and re-share a few of my #NothingButGratitudeNovember (2015) posts here.

My thought is that sharing here what I am grateful for or restating here what I am grateful for cannot do anything but good, because expressing our gratitude is simply a good thing. My hope, however, is that as you read these posts you will be prompted to consider and quantify for your own sake that which you are thankful for and share your gratitude with others in ways that will enrich your life and theirs. One of those pay-it-forward proposals. Thank you for reading my blog and giving me one more thing to be thankful for!

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Love Is the Answer. The Question Is Irrelevant. Love Is Always the Answer.

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Time for Love - LIn

I have some fairly strong opinions about love. They are informed by many and varied sources, but by two primarily: the experiences of my entire life up until now – all 19,668 days and by my long-held, yet ever-growing, beliefs in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My personal beliefs are summed up by one of my mottos that I share with others pretty frequently:

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