It Is What We Do

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Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons

Tom Brady just won another Super Bowl.

His fifth.

Breaking records and smashing glass ceilings all the way to the victory stand where he hoisted the Lombardi Trophy over his head after his team’s win in overtime in Super Bowl LI and gratefully acknowledged all of those with whom he earned and shared the coveted trophy.

That victory placed 39-year-old Brady – the second-oldest quarterback in history to win a Super Bowl – in a category-of-one and secured his place as one of the greatest quarterbacks, if not the greatest, to ever play the game. Period.

But just like the late-night-tv infomercial teases, wait, there’s more …

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Filling Our Time with What Matters Most

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We can fill our time and our lives with a lot of things. From noise to meaning and everything in between.

But we only have so much capacity, so much time. And although life can be very forgiving, time is not. The sand in the hourglass of life never takes a holiday and the amount of sand that we have left at any given moment is never within our view.

As Keith Urban sings, “days go by.” Games are played. Seasons change. Relationships begin and end. Dreams and memories both fade and are made anew. People die. And the hands on the clock never stop moving clockwise.

So we must fill our days and nights the best we can by doing what matters most. To us. Individually.

Filling ourselves full of that which most satisfies our minds, our hearts, and our spirits. Immersing ourselves in and with the people, activities, and experiences that we most enjoy. Living on purpose.

Filling our time with what matters most. While we still have time to fill.

Leave no doubt,


Getting to “Be”

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The best way to do anything is to be. Be something.

Be a writer. An advocate. Or a pioneer.

If you want to explore life’s paths and promises, be an explorer. If you want to travel back in time or get to know the world’s most-influential individuals, be a reader. If you want to share meals and make memories with others, be a friend.

Or, be peaceful. Brave. Or empathetic.

If you want to advance a cause or lead a revolution, be inspiring. If you want to create change, be the change that you want to see. If you want to build bridges or heal hearts, be love.

If you want to live – really live – be; just be.

Inspire and Be Inspired,


Spiritual Art image by Toni Grote