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Here is where you’ll find me when I’m not dreaming or playing:


“I want people, businesses, and organizations to be spiritually-rocked
when they come into our space
because there is something so different – so compelling – going on here.
I want our culture, energy, strategies, and values
to inspire and empower them to create
personally-meaningful and organizationally-remarkable results
both in and out of the workplace.”

– Chaplain Jay W. Taylor, J.D., Founder, Blessed Business, LLC

My professional passion is to inspire, help, and support my clients and all of those whom I serve to reach their dreams and goals and meet their objectives and responsibilities in the most inspired, effective, and successful ways possible through a synergistic combination of:

  • cutting-edge strategy and tactics;
  • time-honored best practices;
  • ever-evolving “better” and “next” practices;
  • informed business intelligence;
  • heart-centered and faith-based principles; and
  • Divine Direction.

In order to do so more effectively, I opened Blessed Business, LLC, in 2015 so that I would have an exclusive platform and delivery channel to use in order to take the empowering and inspired messages and methods that I have learned over the course of my lifetime – personally and professionally – to the marketplace and our communities. The principal mission of Blessed Business is to champion the inspired use of “best,” “better,” and “next” practices; heart-centered and faith-based principles; and the deliberate integration of the important and instructive roles of personal meaning, purpose, values, and inspiration in business, organization, and program: creation, planning, leadership, operations, culture, strategy, problem solving, communications, and relationships.

I have also completed clinical pastoral education and 2100 plus hours of related clinical work, training, and study to become a professional interfaith chaplain in order to more-effectively and competently deliver the spiritual, faith-based, and heart-centered elements of Blessed Business’ core offerings.

In order to deliver exceptional writing, editing, marketing, and related products and services to my clients and prospects, I continue to operate Write Time Planning, LLC, established in 2010, and Write Time Marketing, LLC, established in 2014.

Although independent businesses, Blessed Business, Write Time Planning, and Write Time Marketing function cooperatively, allowing me to work purposefully and passionately in my areas of interest, expertise, and experience and thereby create the most-promising results possible for my clients. Brief descriptions of each of those businesses are provided below with links for finding out more-detailed information and contacting them directly.

Over the years, I have been very blessed to be the voice for, a driver behind, and the witness to great change, progress, transformation, satisfaction, and success for many of my clients. Today, I am blessed anew to use that experience – together with my education and training; the myriad of lessons that life has taught me; and the inspiration that I feel very deeply to do what I do – to help those whom I serve to create, operate, and lead their businesses, organizations, and programs in informed, inspired, and successful ways.

Please let me know how I can help you, your business, your organization, or your program. You can email me directly at to schedule an appointment to meet or to share with me what you are doing and how I can help you. You can also learn more by going to my principal business-website,, which hosts or links to more-detailed information about my business and related interests.

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