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Jay W Taylor, https://www.facebook.com/JayWTaylorJDRenaissanceArchitect, www.JayWTaylor.com
Jay W. Taylor, J.D. –

Advocate | Leader | Writer | Interfaith Chaplain | Teacher | Speaker | Scholar

I am a spiritual being having an extraordinary human experience. I am passionate about learning, language, literature, lyrics, leadership, and living a life steeped in advocacy, connection, inspiration, music, service, creation, and love – and alliterative phrases. I am also passionate about personal growth and transformation.  #BornForThis

Professionally, entrepreneurship; business; writing; planning; marketing; chaplaincy; and teaching headline my resume and interests.  #EntrepreneurStrong

Personally, I am a believer and I choose to follow and want to be like Him.  #NoOtherName

I feel that the purposes of life are to learn and to grow, to love and be loved, to serve, to create, to experience, to believe, to dream, and to be. And, … to take walks in the rain in the spring; go hiking and biking in the summer; watch football and take drives in the mountains to see the autumn leaves and colors in the fall; drink hot chocolate (made with milk) and watch Christmas movies in the winter; and be an all-season writer of, and superstar in, our own stories.  #WeWereMeantToBeCourageous  #WriteYourStory

Admittedly, I am an enigma. A living paradox. My life is a study in contrasts. An as-yet-unfinished, handmade, elaborate, patchwork quilt with two, entirely different, nonmatching sides. I am both simple and complex – extremely simple and extraordinarily complex. I believe in both works and grace. I love spring and fall; the country and the city; rain and sunshine; the mountains and the beach; Boston and Los Angeles; the voices of Frank Sinatra and Chad Kroeger; and Mustangs and pickup trucks. I am both strong and weak.  #LiveLikeThat

I believe in love, second chances, good intentions, and loyalty. I believe in dreams. I believe in renaissance and redemption. I believe in gifts of the spirit and inspiration. I believe in volunteerism. I believe in traditions, a classical education, and that everything happens for a reason. I believe that everyone has a story. I believe in kindness and goodness. I believe in being grateful and gracious. I believe that football should only be played on real grass. I believe in focusing on relationship, not religion. I believe in God, the Father. I believe in a resurrected Jesus Christ. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe that we are all children of the most-high, living God; that we each have immeasurable worth as His children. I believe that I have a lot to learn, a lot to do, and a lot to overcome – and that the sand is passing through my life’s hour glass very, very rapidly.  #HeLives  #BelieveBravely  #LoveIsTheAnswer  #EveryoneHasAStory  #AlwaysLearning


I am old school; a foodie***; a leather-bound and hardback book collector; a Blu-ray snob; and a Gortex evangelist. I am a dreamer, a (very, very) slow walker, and a hopeless romantic. I am OCD and super brand-loyal. I am a list maker and a note taker. I am a fan of rock and roll – classic, soft, and Christian; country and western; Christmas music; and singer-songwriters, crooners, and pop singers. I am outdoorsy. I love to travel and go, what I call, “adventuring” – walking, hiking, exploring, car camping, sightseeing, traveling, and road tripping.  #NeverStopExploring  #LiveLikeThat  #OldSchool  #LetsDoThatThing

I like to watch reruns. Not all reruns, but some. Hawaii 5-0. Perry Mason. Combat. Kojak and Columbo. Hill Street Blues. Nash Bridges. Mad Men. Law and Order. NYPD Blue. Miami Vice. NCIS Los Angeles. Mission Impossible. Ironside. Blue Bloods. And, football games where my Trojans, Cougars, or Pats rocked it.

I love to play and watch sports. I am a college and pro football fanatic and love to play tennis and volleyball. I am a lifelong USC Trojan; Pasadena-colored roses have always been my favorite flowers. I am a diehard BYU fan; I rock Cougar Blue. I cheer for the world-champion New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Seattle Seahawks.  #WeAreSC  #WeAreAllPatriots  #DodgerBlue  #SpiritOfTroy  #WinForever  #CougarNation  #GoHawks  #PatriotsNation  #FightOn✌🏼

I love to love; learn; write; read; teach; inspire; minister; and comfort, connect with, and serve others. I think that I am happiest when I am connecting with others; am teaching, learning, or writing; am engaged in personal growth; am serving others; or am spending time and making memories with those I love.  #DoThatThing  #ReadersAreLeaders;LeadersAreReaders #WhatIsCallingYou?


I am a writer – note the ensuing onslaught of awe-inspiring and blatantly-self-promoting adjectives – and an exacting editor; a serial entrepreneur (with my share of #Fails and victories still to be earned); an inspiring teacher; an experienced business consultant; a passionate leader and advocate; a speaker; and an insatiable student of life, people, personal growth and transformation, the humanities, and business. I own and operate Blessed Business, LLC, Write Time Planning, LLC, and Write Time Marketing, LLC. I am also the founder of Blessed Business Community Action and Interest Board. I am truly blessed to have opportunities to do what I love to do: write, teach, lead, plan, consult, advocate; minister; and serve individuals, families, causes, organizations, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners and their businesses. #WriteLikeThat  #EntrepreneurStrong  #Blessed

My professional passion is to inspire and assist my clients and those whom I serve to reach their dreams and goals and meet their objectives and responsibilities in the most inspired and effective ways possible through a synergistic combination of cutting-edge strategy and tactics; time-honored best practices; ever-evolving “better” and “next” practices; informed business intelligence; heart-centered and faith-based principles; and Divine Direction. And to develop and support empathetic leaders and inspired organizational-cultures where individuals, businesses, and causes can thrive. I have been blessed to be the voice for, the driver behind, and the witness to great change, progress, transformation, and success for those I serve.  #BeMore  #LetItBeginWithMe  #InspireAndBeInspired

Although I am extremely blessed, I am no stranger to adversity, bad decisions, challenges, disability, failure, impossible situations, painful consequences, poor choices, and trials. Nor am I a stranger to incapacitating and life-robbing mental and physical health conditions, disorders, and illnesses. All of which, individually and collectively, have been – and still are – incredible teachers for me. Consequently, I have been blessed with extraordinary teachers and learning opportunities and I hold (okay, more often than not, I try to hold) my illnesses, trials, and challenges in a sacred space of gratitude for what they have taught me and for how each has helped to shape and mold my life experience and who I am today.   #ItsInTheWayThatYouUseIt  #InAllThingsGiveThanks  #WhenTheStudentIsReadyTheTeacherWillCome

Those teachers and learning opportunities, combined with other life lessons; my interests; my passions; my life’s purpose; and the totality of my life’s experiences – personal, family, spiritual, legal, health, religious, professional, educational, societal, business, beliefs, disabilities, and relationships – shape the spaces from and lenses through which I view, judge, interact with, respond to, and want to meaningfully-impact and measurably-change me … and the world that we live in for good. My life’s vision and purposes – to advocate, love, lead, inspire, comfort, minister, and serve; my principal company – Blessed Business, LLC; my foundation – Blessed Business Community Action and Interest Board; my greatest opportunities to learn, grow, and serve; and this blog; have all been born out of those deceptively-beautiful and hauntingly-powerful teachers, learning opportunities, and experiences. And it is a humbling honor and tremendous blessing for me to share them with you as I strive to advocate, inspire, lead, educate, comfort, serve, and create connections through my writing#BringItOn  #FightOnForever  #WeWereMeantToBeCourageous  #TrustTheProcess  #DoTheWriteThing


Thank you for visiting my blog and getting to know me a little better by reading this page. Please email me directly at JayWTaylorBlog@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to communicate with me directly. I hope that you will choose to visit JayWTaylorBlog often. And, if you like what you’ve read or want to be notified of new posts, please subscribe by clicking on the black “Follow” button located on the upper right-hand-side of any page – thank you.  #DoThatThing

Believe Bravely,



***Foodie – as an eater only. I don’t like to cook. I just enjoy eating great food!

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