It’s Okay to Be You

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Not everyone is going to get you - JWTBlog WW FB Post

For many of us, it is really easy for us to get caught up on, or, more accurately, hung up on, what we think that “others” think about us. What we believe to be “others'” understanding or approval of our lives. How “they” judge our way of living. Of being and doing. Of showing up in the world.

And that is a truly unneeded, imperfect, and highly unproductive exercise. It can also be exhausting. And unnecessarily demoralizing.

For what another actually thinks, or doesn’t think, about our way of living, thinking, feeling, being, expressing ourselves, and doing life does not make any of the former or ourselves any more or less viable or valuable. Or necessarily any better or worse than anyone else or another’s way. Or lessen our individual worth in any way. It does not change who we are. Or impact our value. Another’s opinion does not – cannot – make us any more or any less of who we are or make us or our lives any more or any less important, relevant, and valuable.

And it is okay to be us. To be ourselves. To be comfortable in our own skin and with our own, unique ways.

Authenticity, happiness, and meaning are not gained or acquired based on public opinion. Or the opinion of selected “others.” Or our opinion of the opinion of the former.

Authenticity, happiness, and meaning are found and understood within ourselves and are created and experienced as we live our lives answering our own calls. Feeling and following our own passions and paths. Moving steadfastly in the direction of our dreams and our Divinely-appointed destinies.

It is okay to be you. To live a life that others do not understand. They will get over it and so should you.

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly,


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