My Hero? My Dad!

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On Monday, January 30th, five days before the next biggest game of his life, #12, TB, the 🐐, 4-time Super Bowl champion and 3-time Super Bowl MVP of the New England Patriots, Tom Terrific, arguably the best quarterback to ever play professional football, revealed raw, sweet, and tender emotion at a pre Super Bowl LI presser as he responded to a reporter asking him who he considered to be his personal hero.

“That’s a great question.”

“I think my dad is my hero, because he’s someone I look up to every day.”

Tom then took an unexpectedly and uncharacteristically long pause, and visibly became emotional talking about his father and the impact that his dad, his hero, has had on the QB’s life, before quickly wrapping up his response to the question with a thoughtful yet decisive “My dad.”

The essential role and life-transforming impact of fathers and male-role models cannot be overstated or overemphasized. Even for larger-than-life Super Bowl heroes themselves.


The time is now for all of us men to unapologetically and passionately embrace our Divinely-appointed roles as men, as fathers, as brothers, and as our brothers’ keepers.

Courageous. Loving. Compassionate. Authentic. And forgiving.

Tough and tender.  Loyal and true. Committed and caring.

Accessible and present.

Men, join the MELAAE (pronounced “māy-lāy”) and become the man you were destined to be … awake, aware, and engaged. Living wholeheartedly, authentically, and on purpose. All man. All the time. All in. All there. All good.


For our fathers and for our sons;

For our mothers and for our daughters;

For our sisters and for our brothers;

For one another and for ourselves individually;

Let’s be the men who we can be and who the world is waiting for and counting on!

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly,



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