I Saw God Today



At 6:30 tonight (yesterday, November 14, 2016) I began my supermoon watch with my first “walk and awe” of the evening. It was nothing short of awesome. The supermoon was so big, and bold, and brilliant in the already-black sky at that time that I thought it was at least midnight. Watching was irresistible. It really did seem to me to be the biggest, brightest, and most-beautiful appearance of the moon that I had ever seen – and I am a regular moongazer.

But there was something more to the moon and its typical magic tonight. More to the experience. It was as though the moon – by and through its proximity and radiance and dominance in the night sky – was transmitting a compelling message. Bearing a witness. Acting as a conduit of connection.

Of connection to its Source. To its Creator. To its divine nature and its symbiotic role in God’s master plan.

Seeing and experiencing the moon that way took me right to an inspired message and a powerful line in a favorite George Strait song.

I’ve been to church,
I’ve read the book,
I know He’s there,
but I don’t look,
near as often as I should,

His fingerprints are everywhere,
I just look [up] and stop and stare,
open my eyes and then I swear,
I saw God today.

Yes, in that moon, through that moon, by way of the unending heavens on open display tonight, I saw God today. His fingerprints surely are everywhere.

It is now 2:30 a.m. and I have taken my last walk of the night with the supermoon. Maybe ever with a supermoon.

The moon won’t pass this close to earth and appear this big and bright again until November of 2034. To me, under all of the circumstances that are mine, that seems like a long way off right now. If I am alive then, I will be in my 70’s … and probably still talking about how USC upset the Huskies Saturday night and asking my son, Riley, to explain to me, again, how to use all of the new features on the latest iPhone – and why Apple is releasing another, new iPhone again next month! And, if I do make it to the next appearance of the supermoon, I wonder if I will think back on tonight? And what will I remember about it? I wonder who, if anyone, will be at my side as I look for God anew in the moon that will light up the heavens that night? And will the world have changed as much between now and then as it did between the appearance of the supermoon 69 years ago and tonight? Whether or not I am still here then, I imagine that the world will be a very different place than we know today. Than we know this week. I hope that it will be.

The last time earth experienced a supermoon like this one, the world was a very different place than it is today. And in so many ways. World War II – the eight-year war that followed the war to end all wars – had only been over for three, short years. Jackie Robinson had just completed his first, history-changing season playing Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. And Mark Zuckerberg’s parents weren’t even born yet – but I wonder if one of his grandparents looked up at the supermoon on that amazing November night in 1948 and said aloud to him or herself, because there was no social media platforms to post musings on, “One day I will have a Harvard-dropout grandson who will invent something presently unimaginable and indescribable and thereby become so rich that he’ll be able to fund a trip to the moon and back and still have over half of his net-worth waiting for him when he returns home to earth and … (with a puzzled pause) … post selfies for all of his “friends” so they can see him walking on and eating dinner on the moon.”

Yes, it was a different world at that time, with things unimaginable to us today being commonplace back then, but the moon showed up for our forebears then just the same as it does for us today. Just as it did for their forebears and their forebears before them. History teaches that the moon has always been alluring, wondrous, valuable, and perfectly steadfast in its vital relationship with God’s children. We’ve changed, but the moon hasn’t. It shows up for our planet and in our lives every night – whether or not we do.

Which unceasing and unconditional service reveals some divine characteristics of the moon which are very much like those of its Creator.

And for that I feel both awe and gratitude. Deep and overwhelming awe and gratitude.

The performances and dances of the heavens, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the skies, and the clouds, and the colors, and the weather that appear on the atmospheric stages of the Creator’s universe all blow me away. Day and night. Winter, summer, spring, and fall. Rain or shine. Truly, some of my favorites of God’s greatest gifts to us. And, thankfully, even remarkably, unlike some other of my favorites of God’s greatest gifts which don’t always manifest themselves in my life as often as I would like them to, or ask for them to, the breathtaking acts and wonders of nature, and the sky, and the heavens that perform on God’s stages never cease. They know no downtime. Nor do they ever take a personal day or vacation. God, and His creations, never miss a performance.

It is the very image and definition of awesome. And reliability. And service. And love.

And it is, and has been, an extraordinary gift to all of God’s children who have sojourned on this earth.

Which makes me wonder who else was alive in 1948, the night of the last equivalent supermoon, that walked under that magical moonlight and felt awe and gratitude? Who else looked upon the sky that night and saw more than just another full moon, but felt moved, or inspired, or humbled by the magnificence and message of God’s handiwork in the firmament?

Or how many people, during how many eras, from how many different locations, have paused to stare at the moon and been mesmerized by its function and brilliance? Been given to a love affair with the heavens? Or been drawn in humble awe and wonder to their Creator?

As I ponder these questions, I hear these words being sung in my head by a familiar voice and in a familiar, powerful, and sacred way:

O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder
Thy power throughout the universe displayed

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee
How great Thou art, how great Thou art

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee
How great Thou art, how great Thou art

And as I hear those words and that message being sung in my head, I feel deeply. Decidedly. Even divinely.

I feel connection. Love. Gratitude. Wonder. Mercy. And awe.

I feel of God’s power and His spirit.

I feel God today.

So tonight, I give thanks. Special thanks for a supermoon, a supernal spiritual experience, and a sublime God. I have both seen and felt God today and have found, anew, that “His fingerprints are everywhere.”

I acknowledge and express my gratitude for His fingerprints on my heart, my dreams, my path, my life, and the world I live in.

Fingerprints that I both feel and see.

Fingerprints that I couldn’t live without.

Fingerprints that I crave more of.

Inspire and BE Inspired,


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