Fighting the Good Fight … Still

#ThereButByTheGraceOfGodGoI  #WeWereMeantToBeCourageous  #LiveLikeThat  #BelieveBravely  #FightOn

#NothingButGratitudeNovember: 11/16/2015 Restated

high resolution diesel in fall foliage

Today I am grateful that the ride has not ended; that it is not over. In spite of interminable shitstorms; a fifteen-year train wreck; ever-deteriorating physical and mental health; more than my fair share of haters and detractors (Some expected; some unexpected. Some abhorrent; some truly evil); and unrelenting storms of adversity, I am grateful that I am still here. That I am still – somehow – fighting the good fight.

For me, the fact that I can even share this, that I can even say, honestly say, that I am able to hold a great deal of the darkness in my life in a space of gratitude – not all of it, I still have a huge amount of work to do and some major “unforgiveness” to work on, but some of it – is an extraordinary miracle. One to be very, very, very grateful for.

I am blessed to live to fight another day. To dream another dream. To learn and grow. Lift and love. And be.

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly; Thank Boldly,