Your Exquisite, Sublime, and Perfect Plan

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Sublime Plan - Blog Post

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.

What a beautiful and visually-powerful reminder that life and all of its colors, patterns, and variations are individually relevant and collectively meaningful to our complete life story. That every thread, every experience, every stitch, plays a vital part in the creation and complete expression of the whole tapestry. Even if we can’t always see or appreciate the exquisiteness or sublimity in real time. Which is why sometimes – okay, more often than not – we need a reminder to be patient, exercise faith, and trust the process. Trust that our own individual tapestry is in the hands of the Great Weaver and that He does have an exquisite, sublime plan for each one of us. Trust that we are all exactly where we should be, are experiencing exactly what we should be experiencing, and that ultimately all of our life’s experiences will, together, weave and reveal a divinely-inspired and individually-perfect tapestry for each of us. Exactly as planned.

I believe that there is considerable comfort in that knowledge and consciously acknowledging it as we make our individual journeys. Particularly when our current course might be taking us through what seems like interminable, torrential storms or unending, light-smothering fog. Or it feels like it is just taking way too long to reach our presently-intended destination. Because it is in such times and seasons that remembering that there is a perfect plan for each of us can help us to stay the course. To keep our eyes on the prize. Our gaze fixed on our divine destiny.

Because we really do have a divine destiny. And there really is a plan and purpose for our lives. God knows exactly what those are and creates and monitors all of the necessary accidents, coincidences, and serendipities. He is in control.

And we can see this in our lives, but usually only by looking back precisely from where we are presently. By thoughtfully reflecting on the myriad and multitude of ways that one event has prepared us for another. How one person has led us to another. And how many things and experiences that occurred seemingly randomly years ago all make perfect sense now as they have informed our perspectives; given us wisdom for decision-making; and provided meaning to both past and present-day experiences.

Nevertheless, what is often difficult for us is not so much appreciating the relevance and realness of the coincidences and serendipities and believing that God has a master plan for us and acknowledging Him accordingly, but trusting His timing and understanding why and how certain events and seasons of our lives could possibly “fit” in any way whatsoever into a divinely-designed plan for us. Trying to understand or reconcile why we have to experience certain challenges and trials. Why we have to feel heartache or prolonged pain. Or why we have to go through seasons of drought. Or despair. Or loss. Often our need or desire to understand why, and our disbelief of the whys as we do – or don’t – understand them, frustrate our willingness to accept, or even trust, God’s omniscience and planning.

But that, too, is part of the plan. The master plan and grand design. A common element of everyone’s plan and purpose is to learn to trust God, and His timing, and His whys. To exercise faith. To remain patient and steadfast even when our earthly inclinations might otherwise be to be hasty and to give up. To believe bravely and dare greatly. To accept and allow. Which is, for most of us, sometimes easier said than done. Especially when we are unable to immediately see the magnificence of the tapestry we are co-weaving, co-creating. But we are not left uninformed. We have been given sacred assurance.

In the Old Testament we read, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV).

Since the beginning of time, God has had our well-being at the forefront of His thoughts and works. He created this incredible world and gave us this earthly experience as the space and place wherein our personal plans would unfold for us and ultimately lead to the creation of the individual and perfect tapestries that are our lives. And each new lesson that we learn, each new experience that we have, and every new day that we are blessed with are all part of that great plan and provide depth and texture; color and connectedness; and shading and nuance to the many designs and patterns that will one day complete our individual tapestries.

Consequently, we can take heart in the meaning and meaningfulness of our lives. Of the value and significance to the whole of each day, of each relationship, of each act of overcoming, of each season of our lives. Because each is an integral and interrelated part of the whole plan. Of our plan. Of our divinely-inspired plan.

I am grateful to share that It has been my life’s experience that there are no coincidences. No accidents. That there is a message in every event of our lives. That everything happens for a reason. Often that reason isn’t readily apparent, but ultimately, as we are patient, mindful, and observant, the relevancy is revealed. And part of our tapestry is seen and appreciated. But it isn’t always easy when we lose sight of the end product or when we feel stuck in a vortex of doubt and despair.

God knows that I have had my hours, and days, and seasons when I have been blinded by doubt or paralyzed by fear. When I have been unable to hang on to hope and have let go. When I simply have not been able to envision the ultimate beauty of my tapestry or the sublimity of my plan. And those times have been beyond tough. They have carried me to my breaking point.

But in each hour of hopelessness and each day of doubt, another stitch was added to my tapestry. Another golden thread was carefully and purposefully woven into and through the fabric, making it stronger, more resilient, and more meaningful. God has never abandoned me or vacated His plan for me. He has, instead, provided for my falls and planned for my recoveries. He has patiently waited on me as I was impatient. He has wisely included such seasons of stumbling for me so that I could grow, and learn, and transform. Exercise faith and learn to trust Him. Feel and experience rescue, renewal, and redemption. Prepare myself to love and lift others in their days of darkness. Be His. And He, be mine.

Just as He has, and does, for you. And will continue to do.

Because your life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of incredible events that will culminate in an exquisite, sublime, and perfect plan … for you.

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly; and Weave On!


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