Your Exquisite, Sublime, and Perfect Plan

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Sublime Plan - Blog Post

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.

What a beautiful and visually-powerful reminder that life and all of its colors, patterns, and variations are individually relevant and collectively meaningful to our complete life story. That every thread, every experience, every stitch, plays a vital part in the creation and complete expression of the whole tapestry. Even if we can’t always see or appreciate the exquisiteness or sublimity in real time. Which is why sometimes – okay, more often than not – we need a reminder to be patient, exercise faith, and trust the process. Trust that our own individual tapestry is in the hands of the Great Weaver and that He does have an exquisite, sublime plan for each one of us. Trust that we are all exactly where we should be, are experiencing exactly what we should be experiencing, and that ultimately all of our life’s experiences will, together, weave and reveal a divinely-inspired and individually-perfect tapestry for each of us. Exactly as planned.

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You Decorated My Life

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#NothingButGratitudeNovember: 11/18/2015 Restated

Perfect Fall Flowers

Today I am grateful for the many perfect people who have shown up throughout my life at the perfect times for the perfect reasons. People who showed up, seemingly surreptitiously, as themselves, at just the right times and for just the right reasons. In love. Or as examples. With the messages I needed to hear at the time. As teachers. As lessons. As answer to prayers. In truth. With the help I needed. As true friends. As catalysts. As inspiration. With opportunities. And many times for many reasons that I was unaware of or did not understand at the time. But always as blessings. Divinely-directed blessings for me.

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Six for Success

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Six for Success - Blog

Six for Success are be and do principles for creating and enjoying success.

Six for Success:

  • Be Real
  • Speak in Truths
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
  • Provide Genuine Value
  • Be Purposeful
  • Respect that which Should Be Respected

Six for Success are six, uncomplicated be and do principles for creating and enjoying success. Principles that are universal. They apply across the board – in the marketplace, in the home, and in the trenches. To interpersonal relationships and to big business. And they are timeless. They do not change with the latest trend or break under pressure – peer, public, or otherwise. They follow the Golden Rule. They really are Six for Success.

Six for Success are principles incontrovertibly proven by time and verified anew daily through implementation. They can and do create success … but only as they are applied with whatever measures of effort, consistency, and time are required under the circumstances in order to truly create and experience the intended results.

Six for Success work quietly and serially. Ever building on and supporting one another. Time is their ally. Repetition their superpower. Their promise for success is not a function of applying them, or any of one of them, once, but is rooted in a long-term approach where positive outcomes are realized – and sustained – through continuous, daily efforts – which provide both immediate and ongoing results.

Six for Success work. They represent a way of approaching life. A way of living. A way of doing business. A way of being.

Which principle could make the biggest impact in your life right now? In the new year? Over time?

Choose one and take the first, next step to creating the success you crave.

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly,