Your Raison D’être: What Is Calling You?

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Your Raison D'être - LIn

Really, what is calling you? Where do your thoughts take you when they drive your inner-dialogue? What does your heart yearn to do? To feel? To create? To experience? What do you dream about doing?

Do you know? Are you aware of that one BIG thing, or those really special things, that truly fuel the fires of your passion(s)? Your raison d’être?

Do you hold tight to your answer?

Asking – and answering – these questions is critical if we are to follow our passion and live on purpose. If we are to live the life of our dreams.

And more than just knowing our answer, we must hold on to it, tightly, because staying tuned into our dreams, into our inner-selves, into that which we feel, or know, to be our individual callings, isn’t always as easy as we think it would be. Or think it should be. Today’s world is loaded with distractions. With other people and other things clamoring for our attention 24/7/365 and trying to tell us what to do. Who to be. And who to follow.

Consider this. Across the board, the average adult in the United States is exposed to about 360 ads each day across five, major media-platforms (TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, and magazines). That is one ad every four minutes.

And in the workplace, individuals who work in an office environment are interrupted – or self-interrupt – roughly every three minutes – with distractions coming in both digital and human forms. And once thrown off track, it takes some 23 minutes, on average, for the distracted individual to return to the original task.

Even more mind-blowing is the amount of time that we spend on digital media; a whopping 5 hours and 46 minutes a day. Nearly 25% of our daily allotment of 24 hours.

So, with all of the distractions, interruptions, messages, and demands on our time and attention, it is easy to get sidetracked. Be distracted. Feel the urgency of others’ callings. And listen to the messages of others. To have our vision swallowed up and drown in all of the noise.

In order to stay focused on our path, on our calling, on our purpose, we’ve got to tune out the noise and tune in to that which calls us. To that which we were born to do or now live to do. And that means listening to our inner call and holding on to it. Guarding it. Following it. Living it.

We know our calling when we hear it call to us. We know it when we feel it. We know it when we are following it. Experiencing it. Enjoying it.

And it feels good! Really good.

So when others come calling with their calling, when the noise is loud and getting louder, or when the Mad Men are trying to persuade you to buy their story, hold on to your perfect plot. To your story. To your answer.

Hold on to what is calling you. 

Believe Bravely; Dare Greatly,


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