The Latest Hack: If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

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The headlines are inescapable. The promises are alluring. And the plausibility of the warranted results is chronically questionable.

Today’s news feeds are bursting at their digital margins with posts whose headlines bear promises of faster, easier, better, cheaper hacks. And the content-creation gurus continue fueling the trend with an equal amount of copy promising increased readership for writers through regular use of hack-centered headlines and articles boasting reality-defying results.

“How to Write Your First Best-Selling Novel in Less than Three Minutes a Day.” “Five Ways to Lose Fifty Pounds in a Week by Eating More and Doing Less.” “Triple Your Social Media Following Daily by Doing these Ten Things in Less than Five Minutes a Day.”

And the headlines go on and on.

Admittedly, I have read – or started to read – hundreds of such posts over the past year or so. And, invariably, I am disappointed. Very rarely, if ever, do the get-rich-quick-on-the-internet, grow-your-following-overnight, transform-your-life-and-business-in-three-EASY-steps articles ever deliver on their promises. No matter how much I wish they did sometimes.

And not that there are not credible posts covering hacks that work and work well. Work very well. That clearly explain how to legitimately do things better, more-efficiently, or with much-improved results. It is just my experience that the no-cost, easier-way, less or no-effort, overnight-results hacks whose promised results are hugely disproportionate to the efforts suggested to generate those results are all headline and no bite. The timeless adage, “The only place that success is found before work is in the dictionary” probably didn’t become the timeless adage it is just because it was shared on Facebook. Time is a revealer of truth.

So below are my Six for Success hacks. They are principles incontrovertibly proven by time and verified anew daily through implementation. They can and do create success … but only if we actually apply them with whatever measures of effort, consistency, and time are required in order to truly create and experience the results that we genuinely intend.

  • Be Real
  • Speak in Truths
  • Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
  • Provide Genuine Value
  • Be Purposeful
  • Respect that which Should Be Respected

Uncomplicated be and do principles. Principles that are universal. They apply across the board – in the marketplace, in the office, and in the home. To interpersonal relationships and to big business. And they are timeless. They do not change with the latest trend or break under pressure – peer, public, or otherwise. They follow the Golden Rule. They really are Six for Success.

Finally, unlike the headline-heralded, minimal-effort, overnight-impact life and business hacks flooding the internet, Six for Success work quietly and serially. Ever building on and supporting one another. Time is their ally. Repetition their superpower. Their promise for success is not a function of a one-time, herculean effort, but rather of a long-term approach realized through sustained, daily efforts – providing both immediate and ongoing results.

Too good to be true? Not at all. Some things are too good not to be true!

Six for Success represent a way of life. A way of living. A way of doing business. A way of being!

Live Like That,


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