May the God Who Formed Our Hands Bless Them to Be Instruments of Comfort and Healing

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Lost and Found by Greg Olsen

[Painting: Lost and Found by Greg Olsen]

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Combined Board Certification and Chaplain Graduation Ceremony of the World Spiritual Health Organization (“WSHO”). The graduation was held at the William E. Christoffersen Salt Lake City Veterans Home located on the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System campus.

The ceremony was conducted by Chaplain Mark Allison, WSHO’s founder, and the graduation’s theme was hands. Unselfish, competent, and compassionate hands and how and who they serve. And how the value of any particular tool, product, or service is increased – often exponentially – by the skills, training, and experience of the hands that wield the tool or deliver the product or service. Each graduate’s hands were washed and individually anointed by Father L. Gally, of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, with a prayer of “May your hands bring comfort and promote healing to all who come into your care.”

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