What Is a Renaissance Architect?

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My name is Jay W. Taylor and I am a Renaissance Architect.

What Is a Renaissance Architect?

Renaissance Architect (re•nais•sance ar•chi•tect) noun:

Renaissance: French, from Middle French, rebirth, from Old French, renaistre, to be born again, from Latin, renāscī, from re– + nāscī, to be born; Architect: Latin, architectus, master-builder, designer, maker, author, planner; Renaissance Architect:

1. Business: A small-business expert who designs business plans and guides commercial undertakings of revitalization, recovery, and/or repurposing from an inspired space of intentional creation through strategy, execution, culture, connection, core values, leadership, and heart-led and faith-based principles: The repurposing and striking resurgence of the historically-underproducing business was led by a gifted renaissance architect.

2. Personal: A visionary who mentors and leads personal awakenings, rebirths, and comebacks from a spiritually-inspired space of self-discovery, learning, and intentional creation through the effective application of heart-centered and faith-based principles: She attributed her new-found passion and purpose to the work she was doing with a renaissance architect.

3. Avant-Garde:  A leader and master-planner of game-changing personal, spiritual, business, and organizational awakenings, comebacks, and rebirths from a spiritually-inspired space of intentional creation through the purposeful and synergistic use of strategy, execution, culture, connection, core values, leadership, and heart-led and faith-based principles:  Our comeback was due in no small part to the genius of the plan designed by the renaissance architect we hired.

What Does a Renaissance Architect Believe?

I believe that we are living in an age of a great renaissance. An era of unparalleled opportunity, resources, learning, and light. A period of uncommon personal, spiritual, and business awakening and revitalization – where there is more than enough for everyone. And I feel truly privileged to live, to create, to lead, and to serve others at this time – individuals, organizations, causes, and businesses.

I believe that social good is good for business. I believe strongly in my calling and opportunity to make the world a better place – including, especially, in the marketplace. I believe that the purposes of life are to learn, to love, to serve, to create, and to be. And that, fundamentally, in this remarkable experience called life, each of us, individually, is a unique sojourner on an amazing, shared journey wherein we are all just walking each other home.

I believe that everything happens for a reason; that there are no accidents.

I believe in and love entrepreneurship and small-business in all of their various personifications. I believe in the dreams and love languages of entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

I believe in learning, change, growth, and transformation. That we are not defined or limited by our pasts, but rather prepared and empowered by them if we but chose to accept them, learn from them, and hold them in a space of gratitude for the profound purposes for which they have served us.

I believe that we are all mighty creators; created in the image of, and endowed with profound purpose by, the Almighty Creator himself. I believe that our learning about, understanding, and fulfilling our individual roles as powerful creators in the creation process of our own lives and the world we live in are some of the most fundamental purposes of this life.

What (Business) Space Does a Renaissance Architect Understand and Lead?

I work and thrive in the inspired space where heart-led and faith-based principles intersect with best practices and informed business strategy. A space where successful, sustainable, satisfying, and socioeconomically-beneficial businesses are created intentionally and operated purposefully. A space where empathic leadership and inspired organizational-culture are the palpable hallmarks of such businesses and their successes. A space where businesses are informed and led by the core values of their stakeholders and influencers – their owners; leaders and managers; and employees. A space where corporate citizenship matters.

What Prepares Someone for the Calling of Renaissance Architect?

As far back as I can remember, I have been truly fascinated by the period of time that we call the Renaissance. That time of inspired enlightenment, discovery, learning, creation, and innovation. Of revival, renewal, and awakening. Of embracing individual human potential. Of the Renaissance Man – scholar, creator, inventor, writer, planner, artist, theologian, scientist, thinker, visionary, world-changer. Roles that I openly aspired to and attributes and skills that I have determinedly worked to develop – and still do. I have wanted to be that guy – a Renaissance Man.

Nowadays, I cherish my roles as a creator, writer, business owner, teacher, mentor, leader, planner, believer, thinker, and student – a Renaissance Architect. I love teaching, writing, ministering, mentoring, planning, leading, and learning. All lifelong passions that have profoundly influenced and guided my life’s personal, educational, spiritual, and professional journeys. Fortunately, such journeys have provided me with diverse and talented mentors and teachers; exceptional learning experiences; and many extraordinary opportunities to explore, experience, succeed and fail, and expand such interests – greatly increasing my understanding, knowledge, and related competencies.

I feel divinely called to leverage such passion, knowledge, and experiences in order to serve and lift others – individuals, organizations, and businesses – through my writing, mentoring, leadership, teaching, and ministering. To guide and help others – wherever they may find themselves presently – to create and experience inspired, core-values-driven, and heart-led renaissance, change, growth, and success.

Is it Time for You, Your Organization, or Your Business to Experience a Renaissance?

Notwithstanding the trials and challenges (read: “teachers and experience”) that life will most surely and liberally share with each one of us from time to time, I see extraordinary opportunities for everyone to experience a renaissance – both in life and in business – who will find his or her true self and embrace his or her own, unique life purpose and path. I also see equally-limitless and incredibly rewarding opportunities for businesses and organizations to experience their own renaissances as they operate purposefully and with clear intentions to create the successes and impact they desire.

Over the years, I have been blessed to be the voice for; the driver behind; and the witness to great change, progress, transformation, and success for many of my clients. I would love to leverage the insights and lessons-learned from those experiences to serve you as you create your own victories and shape your own destiny.

If I can help you, your organization, or your business find or refine your purpose; navigate your path more effectively; or assist you in seizing the opportunities for revitalization, resurgence, and reawakening that this modern-day renaissance period offers, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to serve as your renaissance architect.

Believe Bravely,

Renaissance Architect

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