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Does it get any better than having one’s own blog? I feel like I am the editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times and that it is okay to put my story with my byline above the fold. I mean it. I am really excited about this. I have wanted to create and publish my own blog for some time now. And yet, for a number of reasons, I have not acted on that impulse. For years I have actively written for and on behalf of others – individuals, businesses, causes, non-profits, and more – but I have been reluctant to share my own voice and feature my own content. I just wasn’t ready to do so. And now, again for a number of reasons, the time has finally arrived for me to create and post my own meaningful material and own my voice; for I believe that I have something significant to offer. I feel inspired to share.

In addition to publishing both inspired and informative content about entrepreneurship, business, strategy, leadership, best practices, organizational-culture, core values, hope, love, life, self-discovery, and personal transformation, I hope that through this blog I am able to share myself and my experiences. Truly and vulnerably share myself. Both professionally and personally. My thoughts. My experiences. My feelings. My expertise. My memories. My insights. My inspirations. My passions. My concerns. My influences. My takeaways. My beliefs. My fears. My “aha moments.” My relationships. My lessons learned. My hopes. My falls. My failures. My regrets. My gratitude. My music. My heart. My journey. My life. My message. My story.

Telling my story, sharing my experiences, and communicating my message in writing have long called me and are a very important segment of my personal journey, notwithstanding the fact that doing so also scares me. And debilitating fear has been one of my constant companions for about 12 years now, so debilitating and constant in fact, that it became a disabling disorder for me in 2005, so my publishing this blog will make me both face some of my fears and honor some of my driving desires. And there are a number of other reasons for me wanting to share. The primary and most important of those other reasons is to serve others. To inspire, connect with, comfort, honor, teach, give hope to, help, encourage, empower, and love others. I genuinely believe that such is my life’s true calling. To serve and honor God by serving His children through leadership, inspiration, connection, comfort, and love by way of my writing, mentoring, teaching, and ministering.

For you, the reader, my intention is that your reading my blog, my story, is an empowering, inspiring, comforting, or learning experience. That you actually feel when you read the good stuff; not feel things about and for me, but feel things about and for you. Inside you; in your heartspace where the very special and the sacred dwell. That you sense and consider your own light, brilliance, and greatness; the importance of your own experiences; the sweetness of your own memories; the significance of your own dreams; and the relevance of your own life and story.

If I can – post by post – share my message, my story, with you, and your reading it makes you focus on and feel the importance of your own story, then I feel that we will have validated each other and thereby created a meaningful connection and shared a valuable experience together. A connection that brings us together – even if for a moment – because in that moment we identify with, or relate to, one another. Or to life in all its majesty and mystery. Or to the challenges and commonalities of the human experience. We feel that someone else understands because he or she has been there too – or is still there. That someone else has experienced impossible struggles on the journey. That we matter and that what we experience in our lives is significant and meaningful. That we feel validation.

What beautiful things, … to experience being validated by or connected with another person. Feeling validated can be so healing, so comforting, so life-affirming. And feeling real connection with another, or with others, is one of the greatest sources of happiness and fulfillment we can experience or share.

If you enjoy, are inspired, learn something, or are otherwise impacted positively by this post or this blog, now or later, please share it with others or leave a comment – it will probably make one of us feel validated!

Inspire and BE Inspired,



9 thoughts on “JayWTaylorBlog: My Story

  1. Jay,
    I love reading your stories, experiences and “hearing” you share your spirit with the World!
    You are such an amazing man and have always been an inspiration to me, since we met, so many years ago! Thanks for inspiring me to write my stories and share my experiences also 🙂
    Many, Many Mahalos! Love you Man!


    • Thank you Jason. You are, as ever, so kind and thoughtful. I feel the same about you. You are, and have been, both an example and an inspiration to me and I applaud and appreciate the way that you live your life and touch the lives of all of those around you. Thank you for being you. Love you Brother, Jay


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  3. I was mesmerized by your website. I love people as well as helping people. I’ve had so much adversity in my life that I have made attempts to END IT ALL. But, I think of so many people who would be hurt if that happened. Thank you for being so candid. I am older and not as creative as you younger people but am trying to learn to use my life experiences to help others and find my REAL self . Your experiences will definitely help me do that. There was something so special about you when I first met you in my husband’s room at the Payson, UT veterans home. . Thank you for being a part of that difficult time in the lives of me and my family. I watched as you took off your coat and tie and helped dig the hole for the tree in my son’s back yard in memory of our beloved who suffered so long. All I can say is “Thank You!” and “keep-a-goin”. Most of us on Facebook need your wisdom. – Delores P. James

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    • Delores, thank you so, so much for your kind words. I am truly honored. And thank you for letting me be a part of the last few months of Bob’s life and the beautiful services afterwords which celebrated his life and legacy. Those are special memories for me. I appreciate your support of my blog and the messages that I am trying to share; the impact that I am trying to create. In the end, we are all just walking one another home. – Jay


  4. Jay, way to validate yourself, your passions, your goals, your lifes aspiration. You have always been an example of leadership, of service, of unconditional love for other. Keep the faith, and your path will always be made light. To show you where lifes lessons lay. Being inspired, Mona Brown


  5. Jay, I am so happy for you! I think writing is such an incredible experience when it is from the Heart. It is a journey of Healing, Inspiration and Validation. It can comfort in the depths of darkness and light the way for ourselves and others. Writing causes us to stretch and grow in the expression of what is inside of our soul and often bring us surprises we didn’t know were there. Writing releases us from the box and lets us fly free. I am excited to follow your journey and be enlightened and inspired by you my dear friend!


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